Two business announcements this week reaffirm that the changes can not be approved global business climate change was underway. The visionary fashion designer Liz is dead and her company has announced that she will sell or close the 16 divisions. Pioneer retailer Leslie Wexner announced that his company, Limited Brands, Inc. would buy the limited and limited express channel.

Retail properties, like most other industries, have undergone a drastic change. Big Box killers like Staples and Best Buy have grown up to master the stories of international success. Tesco, Walmart and Carrefour offers a large scale, an unimaginable shopping stop there is a generation.

Consolidation, bankruptcy and liquidation, allowing less and fewer national stores and supermarket chains. Macy’s has been consolidating nationwide after absorbing a large number of regional chain stores such as Lazarus, Burdines, Bullocks and Marshall Field. Leslie Wexner has seen an opportunity to create an amazing retail growth story with the replica design of apparel designers, producing women’s clothing abroad and selling custom business suits with the Population of enterprising women is growing rapidly.

Despite the great success of the ready-to-use concept they were pioneers in limited stores, many times they changed and Mr. Wexner reacts well. The models of work have changed, the sense of feminine fashion, always changing and subjected to unpredictable tendencies, are becoming more and more unpredictable. Your decision to sell the chain is prudent and will result in a stronger company with asset transfer and full concentration applied in the divisions faster and faster. The consolidation of the department stores has allowed groups such as the private brand Macy’s label created in the home that produces more benefits than brands such as designers, polo and Nautica can offer. Because more space is spent storing the brand of the private label store, the label designer must reinvent itself. W.T. Grant doesn’t respond to change and he’s dead. Thousands of independent shops have not yet responded to change and no longer exist. Local and regional channels that are not in line with the reality of the market have disappeared.

The changes are inevitable and are better confronted and embraced, do not fight. Birmingham art scene has thrived in this climate.

Every day, in my consulting business, we are presented to people who offer products, services and business opportunities to find ways to successfully market their offerings. Yes, the same Walmart once hooted over a handful of small businesses and the city’s little killers. It’s Walmart to put mom and pop stores out of business. Business owners who do not recognize the changes that are shown at Walmart, adapt properly and create a new service that offers real value for their customers. Walmart has spent billions of dollars testing ready-to-use clothes. Walmart has been the growth of the business food chain, a very large tradition, as industry and Safeway are more profitable and faster and faster. Thousands of fighters, small flower vendors, wholesalers, butchers, pharmacies and car repair shops have been able to compete with major retailers. The change will come, always. We all live better because of the changes.

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