Metairie, LA is a major part of the New Orleans Metropolitan Area. It was originally developed as a twentieth century alternative to the old world ways of New Orleans. Located on the south shore of the beautiful Lake Pontchartrain, Metairie is considered to be the first suburb of New Orleans. This place is all about beauty & experiencing the divine through the mortal senses. Starting from delicious food to the breathtaking views and serenity, this place can indulge every visitor.

Local Attractions: The upscale Old Metairie, LA community boasts of featuring several 1920s-era homesteads and high-end posh boutiques. However, the rest parts of Metairie have eventually evolved as similar to the classic American sub-urban pattern of family living & convenience. Featuring a bunch of fine-dine restaurants, shopper centers, impressive architectures, and impeccable natural beauty, this place has always remained a popular attraction among the inhabitants, local visitors, and avid travel enthusiasts. For example, Veterans Memorial Boulevard has created a long and broad route lined with restaurants & retailers of all variants. Similarly, Lakeside Shopping Center is considered to be one of the largest malls in this region.

The dense yet diverse collection posh restaurants and bars in a part of this town (named as “Fat City”) serves as a brilliant nightlife center. The crowd pleasing local attractions of Metairie include Lafreniere Park and Shrine on Airline etc. Lafreniere Park features to be the largest park in Metairie that offers a perfect place of relaxation for thousands of locals & tourists daily. Whereas, Shrine on Airline is a popular baseball park that features a seating facility for almost 10,000 visitors. It hosts local baseball tournaments, football games, events, and concerts — it’s an ideal venue for sports fanatics and culturalists. Another excellent and notable historical landmark of this region includes Metairie Cemetery. The kid-friendly popular destinations of Metairie, LA include Aquatic Sealife, Zoo, & Convention Center.